Colors of Hope Quilt Pattern (Free Download)


Colors of Hope Quilt Pattern by Gordy & Micks Quilt Shop

As a little girl, I loved all things rainbows.  I would always choose rainbow patterned clothing, school supplies and drew them on nearly everything I owned!  As I grew up, the rainbow started to symbolize something other than beautiful colors... it symbolized hope.  Every time I see a rainbow in the sky, I am at peace... I smile and know that everything is going to be alright.  No matter the circumstances life brings, the simplicity of this beautiful gift of mother nature instills hope, peace and love.  During this trying time in our world, we at Gordy & Micks want to bring a little bit of hope into your homes.  We would love to see your Colors of Hope quilts, so please tag us on social media.  (Use #GMColorsOfHope on Instagram to see all the Colors of Hope!)


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