Busy Bee 4" Tumbler Kit

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Busy Bee 4" Tumbler Kit

We love these tumbler kits!  They are pre-cut and ready to assemble.  Great for beginner quilters or when you need a quick, but impressive gift.  No rulers.  No templates.  Just lay it out, sew it up and quilt!  The 4" tumbler kit comes with 335 pre-cut tumblers, giving you a few extra tumblers left over.  This particular tumbler kit uses Bee Basics fabric collection by Lori Holt.  All fabrics in the kit are as shown.  Binding and instruction sheet included.

(Busy Bee Tumbler sample machine quilted by Holly Gordon.)

Skill Level: Beginner

Approximate Quilt Size: 52" x 72"

Sale Price: $58.95

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